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Posted: 31 May 2009 20:29
by Narshtashkia
Hey guys!!

This is really hard for me. Not only I love you guys but also because I am making a twist in my life.
No, I am not saying I am going to another guild/server. I sold all gear and stuff of all my characters and I have send the money to the guild bank.
It is not much, only 1.6k.

I deleted them all, changed my password into something random.

Reasons, I wish I would say they are my own. But I cannot say that to y'all. I have been gaming since I was 5 years old, still gaming at 26. Nothing wrong with that and I dont regret a thing. But now I dont know when to stop. I keep on playing, I hardly go out, hardly go to the store to buy food. Only go out for work.
It has to stop. I cannot decrease my game time because I cannot control myself. Best thing to do is to take me away from the source.

Thanks for the great run and good luck all!!!



Re: Goodbye

Posted: 31 May 2009 23:01
by Knopka
i will miss you Narsh..
but i can understand it..
i wish you all the best.. take care

Re: Goodbye

Posted: 31 May 2009 23:12
by Bonescyth
Goodluck with everything then i guess....hope your life will become better then :)

Regards, Xuriun!

Goodluck, and have fun in the real world ^^

Re: Goodbye

Posted: 31 May 2009 23:33
by Dust
I think you made a mistake deleting instead of giving the password to a trusted third party.

But on the other hand, and as someone in a similar situation, I can only say: I am impressed by your willpower. Therefore I wish you the best in the real world, may mankind be friendly :)

Re: Goodbye

Posted: 01 Jun 2009 01:54
by Xureon
Oh gosh... yes, that is a dramatic thing... :) I hope I don't take any part in the cause, since perhaps I 'made' you play too much because you wanted to pay me back quickly :? (which you did, of course, and relatively quickly)

I actually did something somewhat similar several years ago, when I decided to stop playing my level 60 Shaman Orc. I uninstalled the game and the character was on my brothers account so I didn't have the install CDs anyway, so that succesfully ended it. I also sent my money to a friend. The good news is, it won't take that long to get used to it... :) It -will- probably give you the relief you're looking for, as long as you know what to do otherwise of course.

But then my brother and his girlfriend gave me the game (bundled with TBC and a TCW entry :P) as a gift, and I sort of couldn't just not play it then :? that would sort of be like an insult: not accepting a gift. I've also often doubted about the decision... especially since they stopped playing afterwards -_- I'm curious how I'll feel after my offtime starting soon. I'm quite sure looots of people have this kind of issue :)

Anyway, what I'm saying is: sad to see you leave, but I'm convinced it was the best decision overall. It may have been a bit drastic to delete the characters completely... but at least that will certainly keep you off it... :)

Live long and prosper!

Re: Goodbye

Posted: 01 Jun 2009 13:24
by Seppel
bb .. i'm sure you'll be missed... and hf in the real life .. time to get a girlfriend now :d to keep on playing :D

Re: Goodbye

Posted: 01 Jun 2009 13:48
by Solarflare
Would have been an really hard thing to do!
I wish you the best and luck in your life, hope your going to enjoy it!

Good bye Narsh!

Re: Goodbye

Posted: 01 Jun 2009 13:56
by MindyMcfly
Have to say that is one heck of a way to do it, extreme to cut the addiction like that and you'll be missed.

Good luck with Real-Life(tm) though hope you get some epics :mrgreen:

Re: Goodbye

Posted: 01 Jun 2009 14:05
by Caleen
Gl Narsh!

Drop by on the forums now and then :D

Re: Goodbye

Posted: 01 Jun 2009 15:43
by Ixora
Bye and goodluck! :)

Re: Goodbye

Posted: 01 Jun 2009 20:34
by Jem
Goodbye Narsh, always loved your sense of humour and had a great time teaming up with you.
Stay on the forums as some people say and enjoy the stress and merits of real life!

Cheers, Julian

Re: Goodbye

Posted: 01 Jun 2009 20:58
by Rathil
Why all this drama?

Imo get a wife... that will solve your addiction problem in less the time with half the trouble...

I know i did that.. and look at me now... :shock:

Re: Goodbye

Posted: 02 Jun 2009 09:43
by Noolah
Yeah, dying to get back to us.

Re: Goodbye

Posted: 02 Jun 2009 13:08
by Esoteric
Thoug not to be able to control your gaming, good decision made.

Hope quiting wow will help you getting grip on RL instead of open a window for a new game to get addicted to.

@Dust, too bad this game doesn't have the WILLPOWER skill eh :p

Re: Goodbye

Posted: 02 Jun 2009 18:56
by Narshtashkia
Thanks all.

I know it is very drastic. But I know myself better then any one of you. I will get back if I still have my characters.
It wasn't really that hard, because I was determined at that very moment. Hardest part was in guildchat saying: "Goodbye everybody, I wish you all good luck!"
and the big 'enter' button afterwards. The 10 seconds I was waiting to push 'enter' seemed to have taken a lifetime.

I hope I didn't influenced the Ulduar raid when you saw my characters leaving the guild as I was deleting them.

Anyway, for many years I have had this feeling for changing my life. This drastic thing was probably the best thing to do.
I will sure miss my two favorites Gnomes, Knopka and Jem. It was always fun. :D All of you guys have a special place in my heart. :)

So far it has only been 2 days and so far I still feel liberated.
Don't worry Xureon, it wasn't because I had to play too much. Like I said, this was going on for many years now.

@ Rathil: If I am always on this game, how the hell am I supposed to find a wife? 'lol' Mail order Brides? :p

I was thinking of giving my account to somebody else. But then I was thinking: 'If I do that, I will probably ask after some time if I could get my account back. But then I will get addicted again'

Now only to put all my games in a box and give it to a local gamestore. That will be the other hard part. In the past, thinking of quitting my entire gamelife made me cry... If I think about it, it is sad, but also understandable.

Thanks for the support and will try to drop by occasionally to say hello on the forums!!