c'thun basically

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c'thun basically

Post by lockert » 02 Jun 2011 01:12

dont know if this is the right place even to post this. but if not delete it :)
basically i just want a 5 man grp (incl me ofc (healer) to go and kill c'thun just for the achivement basically.
its the only thing i need from classic and i really want to be done with it. i know, since i was in clascic,, that this raid is borring as ever and no one likes bugs. but if i guess 4-5 ppl or more want to join me for a classic grp/raid i would be gratefull. if ppl want money or hlp with other things i am wliining to hlp with both.
so if ppl want to hlp ot just in for the moey or just in for the nostagila plz give me a poke so that we can get a grp/raid
ofc if more then 4-5 ppl want to join iam paying all if money is the issue
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Re: c'thun basically

Post by MindyMcfly » 06 Jun 2011 08:45

I still need rep from there so count me in, just depends when you want to go.

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Re: c'thun basically

Post by Yima » 07 Jun 2011 09:19

I can say, up to the twins all bosses instead of Viscious ( the big slime ) can be soloed ( Viscious was not killable, he remainded on 1 hp )...

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