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Post by Vestitas » 19 Jan 2012 12:22

Easy there Core Withiners!

Just thought i'd pop in and say hi as not spoken to some of you in a while since The Watchers mostly left WoW for a galaxy far far away.

Hope you're well and are still raiding from time to time. Just thought i'd let you know how we're getting on :)

We're loving The Old Republic and have been raiding the last couple of weeks (only normal mode whilst we get more 50's) but so far i'm really impressed with the content. Especially the end game stuff. The dungeons are challenging on hard mode and the first raids, whilst mechanically not too tough do ease you into raiding again. Sure there are bugs but what mmo doesn't have bugs. I've even really got into PvP as being a tank I actually feel useful which I never did in WoW!

Anyways, much love from The Watchers. We still got a few hanging around in WoW and I think Kenny is trying to get some semblence of organistion going there again so dont be surprised to see some around.
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Re: Greets

Post by MindyMcfly » 19 Jan 2012 13:11

Hey dude, I still keep invading your forums, makes interesting reading and sounds like the exciting times when wow was new and that first rush to see raids. :D

LFR has pretty much killed off raiding, pugs are plentyful though. If you need people send Kenny our way.

Miss you guys, send them all out love.

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Re: Greets

Post by Fangfury » 19 Jan 2012 20:20

Glad you are enjoying SWTOR too. My guild CORAL have completed all 8 and 16 man content on normal (including all 4 released bosses yesterday) One of the bosses is fantastic, easily my favourite boss so far from any game. You need to build towers is all I will say :).

We were unable to complete all hard and nightmare modes as SOA was too buggy in hard and nightmare modes, but 4/5 Nightmare is not too bad I supposed for EV.

I really enjoy the game, I just wish crafting wasn't as broke as it is right now. Having schematic drops for rating 126 BoP only gear drop in raids when that drops rating 136 loot is just plain daft. Will hold onto Armourmech though in the hope they fix it.

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