MoP Glyphs and Trees

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MoP Glyphs and Trees

Postby Yima » 30 Aug 2012 08:45

Actually testing new system yesterday i just figured out that they insanely changed it.

Well someone else is pissed about the glyph system? It seems some classes have usefull glyphs and some don't. As for paladin ( Holy Spec ), there is no glyph which is very usefull for that spec ( my opinion )...

Some Talents are pretty useless for some specs, i even could avoid learning them...

Someone can tell me the essence of that changes?

And: Remove class trainers... They are useless now... ( Just make a button on talent tree to unlearn skils... :( )
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Re: MoP Glyphs and Trees

Postby MindyMcfly » 30 Aug 2012 10:44

They made it simple for kids Im sure, I have lost half the spells off my interface, huge gaps.

Over all im frustrated at having to re-learn to play my toon again and I really dont like the affliction "channeling" filler.

I heard some of the lock glyphs actually hurt rather than boost, which is weird.

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Re: MoP Glyphs and Trees

Postby Gyon » 31 Aug 2012 04:48

I think talents now like extra flasks, and not real talents to force us to swap them around on the fly to adjust to situational fights.everything else is inbuilt. like why the talent trees, eventualy everyone will use the same/similar built anyway, so i guess the purpose to simplify it to the simple minded as it seems more and more of these play these days

ye cant get my head around it either

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