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Post by Gyon » 02 Jan 2014 11:34

Any of you seen this game yet? (Wildstar) it seem it has been developed by blizzard developers who quit to set up their own. hmmm
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Re: WildStar

Post by MindyMcfly » 02 Jan 2014 15:12

I signed up for the beta an age ago, it looked pretty good so far. Looks like their doing a two tier system with subs and free to play with EvE online style PLEX.

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Re: WildStar

Post by shiftnshape » 03 Jan 2014 03:41

I have been in beta (oops NDA shouldn't have said that) not played it that much your character is very small or at least the one I made was and had no idea what was going on all I had was a spanner to do stuff with. There has been a lot of stress testing that's why I haven't done much in the game so far.
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